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FLE Arcade Cart
FLE Arcade Cart

FLE Arcade Cart

The FLE Arcade Cart is a high quality, refurbished medical cart that has been retrofitted to be used for gaming.

Specifically built to endure the rough treatment of a hospital environment, this cart is constructed with medical grade components. Each cart is capable of housing an Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch console. Just plug in one cord to power the entire cart, console, and the TV.

The FLE Arcade Cart can effortlessly raise or lower its profile by 16 inches making the cart comfortable for small children and adults to use.  Each unit can also be painted to match your color preference at no additional cost.

This item includes the entire cart, wheels, new 24 inch HDTV, three year warranty, and shipping. 

  • Smooth, Easy To Clean Surfaces - Designed For Hospitals
  • Secure Storage For The Gaming System
  • You Choose The Colors
  • No Loss Of Functionality
  • Includes Three Year Warranty
  • Full Access To Disk Reader
    $ 1,999.99