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Correctional Facilities

Fully Loaded Electronics provides video game systems for correctional facilities. They come Loaded with engaging non-violent games like sports, racing, and trivia, No Discs, No Internet. Fully loaded gaming systems are no hassle for staff, and help relieve boredom and keep the peace among appropriate inmate populations.

Access to fully loaded gaming systems can be a reward for good behavior or a way to celebrate progress toward targets. Video games can also provide important distraction for inmates who, without stimulation, can become confrontational, disruptive to the wider community, or self-harm.

FLE correctional bundles include games like Madden NFL 18, Forza, and more.

“When boredom kicks in, that’s when people get edgy,” said inmate Harry Harper, HMP Wealstun. “But when there’s a FIFA tournament going on, it brings people together. It’s a good way of keeping the peace.”