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Libraries are a great place for a fully loaded video game system. Fully loaded Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo systems come loaded with engaging games from a variety of different genres that can be tailored to meet every specific need. Fully loaded gaming systems do not require discs or the internet, giving you a hassle-free entertainment console that requires almost zero upkeep.

Video game consoles are a great way to draw teens and parents to the library, and then create a connection between library staff and those young adults. Video-game tournaments are another proven way to draw attendance to the library. There is also evidence that suggests that by having video game systems at the library, book circulation for certain age groups increases exponentially.

“We made a rule that you had to have a library card without any fines on it; then you could play the video games. The amount of kids we had sign up for cards was outstanding, and the kids that came in that didn’t have library cards said, “Oh, I haven’t been in here. This place is really cool.” Its really brought a lot of kids into the library…” Kieran Hixon- John C. Fremont Public Library, CO.