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Xbox One S Corrections Bundle
Xbox One S Corrections Bundle

Xbox One S Corrections Bundle

Video games for inmates can be a huge game changer for corrections facilities and staff. Just ask Oregon DOC, New Hampshire DOC, and Pennsylvania DOC. We have provided modern video game systems like Xbox Ones and Nintendo Switch Lites to thousands of inmates across those three institutions and more. If corrections facilities are looking to have an incentive program that leads to pacified inmates, video games is the way.

When inmates have a modern gaming console or can se a path to obtaining one, it can reduce a ton of stress for inmates and staff members alike. Inmates' behavior can soften, their cooperation can become more likely, and their time is spent more on completing quests inside their games rather than on illicit activity in their immediate environment.

Fully Loaded Electronics has specialized in providing video game systems without internet access and without violent/suggestive games to children's hospitals for over 10 years, and we have more than 200 hospitals that rely on our processes for their gaming needs. Now, we've mastered setting up modern game systems for use in corrections facilities, and staff can rest assured Wi-Fi and unapproved games cannot be accessed!

  • Refurbished Xbox One S system, loaded with games ready to play!
  • Games provided are suitable for a corrections environment
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity available! We've physically altered these devices so they stay offline.
  • No TV needed - we have a portable monitor option!
  • Comes with one wired controller
  • Six-month limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Need a custom game list, or specific requirements? Call us at 1-888-506-0219 today!
$ 700.00