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Answers to Cyber Monday Questions

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Thank you for all the calls today! We only wish we could’ve answered more of them. Holiday call volume is high, so we apologize that we can’t take every call. We do try to return calls when messages are left that include the return phone number. We respond to emails more quickly than calls: CustomerCare@FullyLoadedElectronics.com. Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we heard today:

When will my order ship? We’re shipping in 2-4 business days. When you place your order you will receive an email confirming your order. Then, in about 2-4 days, you’ll receive a second email with your USPS tracking number, letting you know your order has shipped.

What are the shipping options? We’re upgrading all handheld units (2DS, 3DS XL, Vitas, and Kindles) to USPS Priority shipping automatically. You can also upgrade to Express 1-2 days for a fee. For a console like a PlayStation 3, Wii U, or Xbox, you must pay extra for upgraded Priority or Express shipping. At this point, the free Parcel Post shipping that automatically comes with a console may not get the unit to you by Christmas. Please consider upgrading to Priority or Express if you need it by December 25. Shipping options are presented to you during checkout. See a key of shipping prices here.

Do the units come with all the games and movies advertised? Yes, all of the systems come with the games, movies, cartoons, and/or books advertised with the bundles. They come loaded onto the system and ready to play! In the case of the PlayStation 3’s, the games and movies are loaded onto the internal memory of the unit. For the 2DS and 3DS XL’s, most of the games and cartoons are saved to a 4gb memory card we put in the system for you, and in some instances a game comes on a cartridge as well. The same goes for the PlayStation Vita’s – most games and movies are saved to an 8gb memory card, but in some bundles a game cartridge is also included. The 2DS, 3DS XL and Vita each have two slots – one for a memory card, and one for a game cartridge. We strive to have everything loaded on the system for you when you get it so all you need to do is turn it on.

How do I take advantage of PayPal Credit? 1. Set up a PayPal account. 2. Within your PayPal account, apply for PayPal Credit as you would a credit card. 3. Watch for a notification from PayPal about your credit limit. 4. Return to Fully Loaded Electronics and put desired items in your cart. During checkout, select “Checkout with PayPal” and pay using your PayPal Credit. Please know your credit is through PayPal – not Fully Loaded Electronics. Read all the details about your credit with PayPal to avoid any unexpected fees.

Are these full versions? Yes, the advertised games, movies, cartoons, and books are full versions. They are not demos.

Are the products new? Yes, all the PlayStation 3’s, Vita’s, 2DS’s and 3DS XL’s are new. The Kindles, Xbox’es and Wii U’s are also new. We open the boxes only to load the system with the advertised content. Otherwise it is brand new and unplayed.

What does the 3 year warranty cover? The warranty covers defects in manufacturing. See the full warranty terms here. The lifetime warranty holds the same terms, but for the lifetime of your ownership of the unit.

Additional answers can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Thank you for your interest in Fully Loaded Electronics!

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