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Video Games for Correctional Facilities

Fully Loaded Electronics specializes in providing video games to correctional facilities like jails, juvenile halls, and other kinds of rehabilitation centers. Video games in corrections provides many benefits to inmates and staff alike.

Game consoles in correctional facilities provide a relief from boredom or mischief. Gaming can incentivize good behavior and put attention towards improvement or communication. Studies have found that playing video games intrinsically motivates players to set and achieve goals and overcome adversity.

We will make sure that you get the right:

  • Video game consoles for corrections. Between Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, we will help you get set up with the right console for your jail or rehab center. We'll make sure that the Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch in your corrections facility are set up with settings to allow the right content to be played on the system, without having to deal with connecting to the internet or unwanted accounts.
  • Video games for inmates. We have bundles of games appropriate for your demographic. Sports, racing, and adventure games are perfect for a correctional setting. FLE provides non-violent and non-offensive games for jails and rehab centers.
  • Corrections game console security and tech support. We have console security cases to keep your games where they need to be. Tethers and wired controllers are sure to keep accessories in place. And if anything goes awry, Fully Loaded Electronics provides tech support for games in corrections.

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