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Video Games for Correctional Facilities

No internet needed | Fully secured systems and accessories | Plug-and-play ready!


"The PS4 incentive program is a huge success here at SCI Mahanoy, with 10% of the population (~250 inmates) involved with the program! We are currently running a Madden tournament and the inmates love it."


 - David, Corrections Activities Manager

Fully Loaded Electronics supplies video game systems and security options for use in jails, youth intervention centers, and other correctional settings.


All of our games are rated E for Everyone - no violent or offensive games are included in our main game bundles.

Video games in your correctional facility or rehabilitation center can provide amazing social positives to your staff and occupants. In a time where social distancing is the new norm, handheld and cart-mounted video games can help your occupants pass the time without having to closely interact with each other to limit the spread of disease.


We are now supplying Nintendo Switches and Switch Lites with Wi-fi capabilities completely removed!  With our Switches, you won't have to worry about players having access to internet.

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