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Video games for Libraries

No internet or discs needed | Loaded with games for everyone | Plug-and-play ready!


Thanks to the services provided by FLE we are able to engage with our youth population in a way that helps to build teamwork, teaches them better coordination skills, and keeps them curious about what else the modern library has to offer. This out of the box solution means there is less time for staff to configure and lock down the system, and more time for our Teen and Family Librarians to offer programming, build lasting relationships with the community, and provide a safe space afterschool.

- Robert, Kenosha Public Library, WI

I got a Nintendo Switch through Fully Loaded Electronics. I use it for many teen and children's library programs that we do. It's great that the games don't require the internet unless you want to use it. Plus, Fully Loaded pre-installed all the games and user account making it ready to use immediately. I LOVED the fact that I didn't have to make a bunch of accounts in my name or the library's in order for us to use the system.

- Joelle, Whiting Public Library, IN

We made a rule that you had to have a library card without any fines on it; then you could play the video games. The amount of kids we had sign up for cards was outstanding, and the kids that came in that didn’t have library cards said, “Oh, I haven’t been in here. This place is really cool.” It's really brought a lot of kids into the library.

- Kieran, John C. Fremont Public Library, CO

The American Library Association considers video games to be a part of its mission to provide cultural, recreational, and entertaining materials, as well as informational and educational materials. They acknowledge that games can enrich a player's vocabulary and expose players to language roots.


The ALA also claims that video games meet the developmental needs of teens established by the National Middle School Association. These needs include social connection among peers, encouraging creative expression, and providing an opportunity for self-definition.

Fully Loaded Electronics makes it easy to provide Xboxes, PlayStations and Nintendos to your library patrons!


All of our systems have the games loaded onto the system, so there are no discs to manage. We set up the parental controls to make sure all the content is age-appropriate.


Do you prefer the systems to be kept offline for ease-of-use, or online for the popular multiplayer games? We'll also make sure to provide the games your patrons are asking for. 

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