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Video games for Senior Living Facilities

Providing gaming solutions for 12 years | Virtual reality, gaming consoles, and tablets | Just press play!

Fully Loaded Electronics supplies video games, virtual reality, and tablets to senior living communities! We can set up accounts, download games right to the system, and supply everything needed to enjoy gaming! We have all the modern consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo and any accessories you may need like VR headsets, mobile game carts, security cases, and more.

Fully Loaded makes it easy for staff and residents to enjoy video games! We take care of all of the technical stuff so you don't have to. Just press the ‘on’ button and start playing! All of the content is ready to go, and appropriate for all ages and types of players.


Explore new worlds, improve hand-eye coordination, and promote movement within your community using video games and virtual reality!

Are you at a senior living community or retirement home, looking for entertainment in virtual reality and video games?


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