Hotel and Resort Orders

 Did you know...?

More than half of all Americans play video games at least three hours per week.

Video game players spend 440% more on video games than on movies.

Video games are the fastest growing and largest segment of the entertainment industry.

Guests are willing to pay an additional $15 to $25 per night for a room that includes a premium, luxury video game system. 

Conclusion: Games are a vital part of daily life and guests will pay for in-suite gaming.

Whether you’re a family resort, upscale hotel, or casino, Fully Loaded Electronics has a program that will thrill your customers and enhance your bottom line. (bullet points) Install gaming systems in rooms or check them out at the front desk. Share rental profit with FLE with a leasing model, or keep the rental profits for yourself and buy the gaming systems outright. Fully loaded gaming systems are also an eye-popping gift to show high-rollers how much you appreciate them. Contact Shelly for more information: 425-582-3173, or toll-free 1-888-508-0219, or by email