Hotel and Resort Orders


 Did you know...?

      • More than half of all Americans play video games at least three hours per week.

      • Video game players spend 440% more on video games than on movies.

      • Video games are the fastest growing and largest segment of the entertainment industry.

      • Guests are willing to pay an additional $15 to $25 per night for a room that includes a premium, luxury video game system. 

      • Conclusion: Games are a vital part of daily life and guests will pay for in-suite gaming.

        Program Options and Free Trial:

        1.  Free Trial Program

        • We supply 2 to 4 rooms with video game consoles for free for four months, this includes games, accessories, security cases, maintenance, etc (valued at $1,100 to $1,300 per room).
        • Take your time to evaluate how your guests respond and keep any revenue for yourself (we recommend charging an additional $15 to $20 per night, per room).
        • Cancel at any time with no obligation.

         2.  $1.99 Per Night Program - Standard

        • If you decide you want to rent a standard Fully Loaded Electronics console, we charge $1.99 per night, per console. The standard Nintendo Switch is $2.99 per night, per console.
        • Games are loaded on the hard drive of the system so there are no disks and nothing to keep track of.  It's completely hassle free.
        • Guests get unlimited access to an all-you-can eat buffet of video games.
        • We remotely push out new games every six months, update software, and manage everything through the internet with no assistance from your hotel staff.
        • Our custom designed security cases make tampering and theft very difficult.  Our custom cases also make it extremely difficult to steal controllers.  We thought of everything!
        • If something breaks, it's not your problem. We'll replace it right away.  Just ship it back to us!
        • No long term commitment is required.  If you decide you're not happy, you can cancel at any time.

         3.  $3.99 Per Night Program - Deluxe

        • The deluxe program is identical to the standard program, but we load a lot more games.
        • If you decide you want to rent a Fully Loaded Electronics console, we charge $3.99 per night, per console. The Nintendo Switch is $4.99 per night, per console.

         4.  Revenue Sharing Model

        • FLE charges the guest a fee to use the console ($15 to $30 depending on the market)
        • We guarantee your hotel a minimum monthly fee plus a percentage of the revenue generated from guests
        • No risk and a brand new source of revenue for your hotel
        • FLE provides all maintenance and hardware at no cost to your hotel
        • Expect to see an increase in room service revenue (especially dinner)

        We eliminate all the hassles so you can focus on your core business.

        -          Cost. We charge nothing up front and ship you everything you need at no cost.

        -          Maintenance. There is no maintenance. If something breaks, Fully Loaded Electronics will replace it at no cost to you. Just mail it back for a replacement.

        -          Simplicity. ALL the video games in your bundle are loaded on the hard drive of the console. That means there are no disks to check out or lose.

        -          Premium Quality. We sell the the Lamborghinis of video game systems. As a result our products are too expensive for most individual retail customers, but very affordable as a short term rental. Imagine renting a Ferrari for 24 hours while paying less than the cost of going to the movies. That's what we're offering.

        -          Customization. We will gladly tailor the games to match the room and your customer mix. If you primarily serve families on vacation, we can design a bundle that appeals to kids and the whole family. If you primarily serve business travelers, then we can offer more mature games that appeal to older gamers.

        We're ready to partner up with you, just call Shelly: 425-582-3173, or toll free 1-888-506-0219, or by email