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Video games for Hospital Donors

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The Fully Loaded iPads are incredibly helpful in Children’s Surgery Center for procedure support, to help normalize the hospital environment and use as a transitional item as the child moves from the waiting room to the OR. We are setting up four more for our pediatric emergency department to be used in the same way.  They certainly help pass the time and allow the child to focus their attention on something positive rather than their worries.

- Diane, UC Davis Children's Hospital

Fully Loaded Electronics works with non-profit organizations across America to help them donate video games to children's hospitals, veterans, those in need, and more. Whether it's donating an Xbox or PlayStation, donating a mobile game cart, or anything else video game-related, FLE focuses to make sure the beneficiaries get the most enjoyment out of their video game consoles.

Fully Loaded takes the weight off video game charities by handling all of the software configuration and logistics. If you're donating a video game system, our Console Loading Service and Game Bundles are perfect for making sure you have pre-loaded video game consoles to gift to your favorite hospital or library. We'll load the games, adjust settings, and handle tech support so your charity can keep doing what it does best.

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