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Fully Loaded Electronics™ was founded by James Lee in 2007 on the principle that video games should be fun and easy. FLE began with our founder repairing broken PSPs in his garage.  He began a tradition of technical hardware proficiency that we continue to this day. 

It quickly became apparent that the market was demanding video game consoles loaded with content. Customers valued the convenience of having their games loaded directly onto the consoles because there were no more disks to lose, clean, or scratch. 

Soon FLE was selling loaded video game systems to individual customers across the country. FLE gaming systems quickly sold to parents and grandparents who feared technology but wanted an awesome, fully loaded video game system to give to a special kiddo as a gift. 

Shelly Lee joined FLE full-time in 2009 and built the sales and marketing branch of the business with an eye toward increasing customer service and delivering products that matched our customers' needs. Shelly launched FLE’s website in 2010 and oversaw our growth to become the leading supplier of video games to hospitals in the USA. 

Over the years FLE has grown in staff, product offerings, and customer types, but our founder's mission remains the same. We make video games fun and easy.