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Video games for dental, orthodontal, optometrist, and other offices

Video games for dental, orthodontal, optometrist, and other offices

If you’re at a dentist’s office, orthopedic center, or optometrist clinic, video games are the perfect way to keep your clients occupied while they wait. No more old magazines! If you are running an office or clinic where you serve children and pediatrics, video games may be a great solution to keeping them busy!

Video games for dentist’s offices are becoming more of the norm. Fully Loaded Electronics has recently been working with health clinics across the US to help get video games into their offices.

When you have an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or even an iPad or Kindle tablet for your dental office, wait times are perceived to be shorter and your clients will have a lot more fun!

Video games for the waiting room also helps with image – if kids know that there are video games while they wait, they’ll be more excited to visit the office.

The most popular item has been the iPad for dentist and optometrist waiting rooms. FLE specializes in setting up iPad and Kindle tablets for dentists offices and other health clinics, so your clients can enjoy while they wait.

When we set up game consoles for dental offices and tablets for optometrists, we make sure to provide safe and entertaining content for your guests. Have them play an Xbox in your waiting room or they can watch a movie in your office lounge iPad. Don’t worry about internet or content restrictions – we’ll take care of the settings so the internet isn’t needed and no unwanted information is on the devices.

How do you get a video game system for your office waiting room? It’s video games made easy!

  1. Pick the game system you want. Do you want an Xbox, PS4, or Switch for your dental office? Or maybe an iPad or Kindle for the optometrist waiting room? Whether it’s a console or tablet, we’ll help you figure out the right fully loaded game system for your office.
  2. Pick the bundle you want, or have us build a game list for you. Do you need a lot of games for your orthodontist office? Or maybe some movies that your clients can watch in the waiting room? We have bundles and games appropriate for all ages, pediatrics and general health. FLE also provides age-appropriate movies for your client demographic.
  3. We’ll send you your order, completely ready to play! Once we’ve loaded the games and set up accounts, we’ll pack it up and let you know that your video games are on the way to your office! Don’t worry about shipping costs – we ship free to the contiguous United States.

Are you looking for video game consoles or iPad movies for your dental office, orthodontic clinic, or optometrist waiting room?

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