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iPads for Waiting Rooms

iPads for Waiting Rooms

"...Offer patients iPads — often tethered to the furniture — that come preloaded with games, digital magazines, newspapers, and social apps."
Ensure Patients Love Your Waiting Room, patientpop.com

Do you have a full dentist waiting room most of the time? Are hospital patients getting antsy when waiting for their appointment in the reception area?

Magazines in waiting rooms are a thing of the past. Replace your old magazines with iPads or Kindles for your waiting room, and keep patients and family happily occupied while they wait. If you look at your waiting room and find a bunch of old magazines on the tables and smart phones in their hands, it may be time to focus on improving that part of the customer experience.

With games and entertainment preloaded onto iPads, you bring your office waiting room into the 21st century and greet guests with a modern touch.

Fully Loaded iPads with games and movies at Ridgeview Eye Care, KS

Which would your customers find more satisfying: iPads, or magazines?

Once you introduce iPads into your waiting room, your clients won't think twice about wait times. Parents and families will be able to enjoy a movie, and the kiddos will be able to play fun games preloaded onto iPads for them to enjoy.

How do you go about getting iPads that are appropriate for your reception area?

Fully Loaded Electronics specializes in preparing, configuring, and readying iPads for waiting rooms. We provide new iPads and Kindles for you and get them to your doorstep with family friendly games, movies, and entertainment. No installing, no passwords, no hassle!

  1. Pick the bundle you like. We have a great selection of games and movies for the iPad in your waiting room. iPads with our preloaded bundles are perfect for family friendly games and movies. We'll provide a new Fully Loaded iPad ready to go as soon as you turn it on!
    Were you donated some iPads, Kindles, or tablets for your hospital or eye care office? No problem! Just send it over and we’ll have them ready in no-time so your guests can wait happily for their appointment.
  2. Tell us about your client's experience. Do you want internet enabled, or disabled? Is the iPad in the reception area for adults or kiddos? We can adjust settings so that your clients only view what's on the office iPad, and not tamper with settings or accounts.
  3. Enjoy! We'll send your order with free shipping in a carefully-packed delivery right to your office. Open it up, secure your tablets in a tethered case, and set them out for your guests to use while they wait!

Have any questions about iPads for waiting rooms? We're happy to help!

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