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Video Games for Corrections

  • Wireless Connectivity Is Completely And Reliably Eliminated
  • We Can Accommodate Your Facility's Specific Security Requirements
  • Can┬áBe Purchased By The Correctional Facility Or The Individual User
  • We Sell Thousands Of Consoles Annually Across Multiple States
  • All Current Gaming Systems Available

Fully Loaded Electronics is the country's leader in providing video game systems for correctional environments. We understand the specialized security needs of correctional facilities which is why we go beyond turning off internet connectivity, we completely remove and melt the components that make internet connectivity even possible. You can rest assured our patented process for micro-soldering and removing Wi-Fi components can only be reversed by FLE.

We have full repair and service capability for all the consoles we sell. We can fix, replace, reload, or otherwise handle any circumstance and we have seen it all. We deal with the issues that inevitably arise so you don't have to!

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