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FLE Arcade Cart™ II
FLE Arcade Cart™ II
FLE Arcade Cart™ II
FLE Arcade Cart™ II
FLE Arcade Cart™ II
FLE Arcade Cart™ II

FLE Arcade Cart™ II

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Starting at $2,700 for current-gen consoles!

The FLE Arcade Mobile Gaming Cart™ is a high quality medical cart that is fully equipped for gaming!

Specifically built to endure the rough treatment of a hospital environment, this mobile gaming cart is constructed with medical grade components. Each cart is capable of housing an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo console. Just plug in one cord to power the entire cart, console, and the TV.

The FLE Arcade Cart™ can be effortlessly assembled, transported, and stored due to its durable, elegant design. We listened to your feedback and redesigned it to discourage patients from using it as a table while playing video games.  So no more spilled drinks and no more sticky apple juice dripping into your Xbox!

This item includes the entire cart, new 24 inch HDTV, five-year warranty, security case, and shipping.  The console is sold separately. 

    • Can accommodate any gaming system
    • Smooth, easy to sanitize surfaces
    • Coated to endure medical grade cleaning solutions (QA, SHC, phenolics, AHP, etc)
    • Locked housing to completely secure console
    • Includes three-year warranty
    • Full access to disk reader
    • Narrow profile for efficient storage
    • Durable wheels for reliable mobility
    • Cable and wires housed internally within the cart


This video game cart can accommodate any video game system, including:

    • PlayStation 3, 4, 5, and future generations
    • Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and future generations
    • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, and future Nintendo products
    • Our patented technology means the FLE Arcade Cart 2 is the only cart that can swap out housing for different video game systems, you're future-proofed with FLE


You let us know what gaming system you'll be using, and we'll provide the matching security case including:

    • Durable, complete enclosure to prevent tampering and theft
    • All needed ventilation
    • Access to all buttons, ports, and disk openings


This cart will grow with you! As new gaming consoles are released, simply get a new security case for your new console. There's no need to replace the entire cart.  Video game systems become obsolete, but the FLE Arcade Cart 2 is a one-time investment that will last for numerous generations of video game systems. 

Patent #11,097,758 B1


$ 2,700.00


The game carts from Fully Loaded Electronics are awesome!! No game discs to keep track of, just install and good to go. Which is a must in the busy hospital environment. Prior to FLE, we were always replacing video games because the games would disappear or stop working from overuse and hospital grade cleaning. No need to track down the games anymore since it’s all loaded into the system. Kids and families enjoy the variety of games and the ease of use. Staff appreciate having mobile gaming systems for kiddos who can’t come to our activity rooms and play video games. The game systems are easy to move around, sturdy, and visually appealing. 

- Shannon Joslin, CCLS, University of Maryland Children's Hospital, MD