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Sony PSN and Xbox Live Repairing Systems Following Hack Attack

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If you're having trouble connecting your Sony product to the internet, then you have been caught in the cross-fire between Sony and North Korea. Around mid-December North Korean hackers commenced an attack on Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) in retaliation for Sony's backing of a movie project with an unflattering portrayal of North Korea and their leadership. Microsoft's Xbox services were also the subject of an attack for supporting online release of the film. Both Sony and Microsoft are mending their services. The latest from Sony:

“PS4, PS3, and VITA are presently online,” reads Sony’s PSN status site. “Intermittency may be experienced when accessing some network services. We will update you with any changes that may occur with the status of the network.”

In the past, Sony has fully recovered from attacks within 1 to 2 weeks. Please be patient with your new gaming system while our friends at Sony and Microsoft get everything running smoothly again.

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