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This week at FLE we’re taking another step to make your life easier, better and safer by introducing our latest product: the Double 3 Telepresence Robot. The possibilities are expansive.


  • A doctor can visit their patients using the robot so they don’t risk exposing themselves to highly contagious viruses.
  • A nurse can check on patients without the risk of picking up germs from patient 1 and then inadvertently sharing those germs with patients 2 through 10.
  • A patient in isolation can use a robot to virtually visit the rec room, talk to other patients, or visit family in a lobby.
  • A principal can visit each classroom using the robot to avoid picking up and sharing germs, while still sharing their smiling face and encouragement with school.
  • A teacher who is immune-compromised can educate students from the safety of their home.
  • A student who is home bound can attend classes virtually using the robot.
  • A corrections psychiatrist can meet with and care for inmates without potential virus exposure.

What is the Double 3 Telepresence Robot? Essentially it is a tablet on a stand, on wheels. It is self-balancing, knows to avoid obstacles, displays your face and projects your voice, and provides cameras and a microphone so you can easily see and hear the world around you. You can adjust the height and tilt the tablet to adjust your view of the world and meet people at eye-level.

What’s more, it is incredibly easy to use. This is the third generation of this robot, and it’s absolutely the best yet. Operate your robot from just about any computer, cell phone or tablet using the Double 3 app. The app itself is easy to use, with no unnecessary buttons or settings to think about. Simply connect to the robot and drive.

Will the Double 3 replace in-person human interaction in every circumstance? No. But could it make your day, or parts of your day, safer? Could it make the world more accessible for many people? Yes and yes. Let’s talk about the possibilities. Call us today: (425) 582-3173.

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