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Ensuring a Positive Patient Experience

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A positive patient experience is a critical element to a medical facility’s ability to attract and retain patients. When patients form positive associations with providers and facilities, they become more engaged in their own care and develop a sense of loyalty to that facility.

Fully Loaded Electronics balances creating a positive patient experience with the extreme need of doing so safely. And it’s as simple as bleach-cleanable gaming systems for all ages, interests and needs.  Fully Loaded Electronics offers:

  • Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo gaming carts loaded with exciting, age appropriate games that are ready to play.
  • Portable handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch Lite, iPads or Kindles.
  • Playroom and lobby video game systems, 100% bleach cleanable to help patients and their families relieve some stress and provide distraction and entertainment.

Our custom solutions come from our 10+ years in the hospital video game industry. We know your gaming challenges and how to resolve them quickly. I’d love to talk with you about what Fully Loaded can do to improve your patient satisfaction scores just like what we did for Beth Christian at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland. Beth said:

EXCELLENT! This has really enhanced the patient experience and patient satisfaction. Staff and families love the variety and ease of use. They don't have to wait for staff to get them games. The FLE staff were fabulous to work with. They gave us great tips and suggestions and really let us customize our machines to our specific populations.

I’m here to help you explore the possibilities. Call or email today:
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