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Were you recently donated a game console? Here's how to get games on it!

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Were you just recently donated an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch? That's awesome!

Charities like Child's Play, StackUP, and so many countless other donors make it possible to have video games in children's hospitals, relief homes, and more. Being gifted a game system from a charity is a major blessing for your patients and patrons. Video games can help relieve anxiety and provide normalcy in a place where those luxuries are hard to come by.

Most times, these donated PS4s, Xbox Ones, and Switches are coming to you fresh in the box. Unboxing a game console for a children's hospital is always exciting, but even more exiting than that is playing the latest and greatest games!

But if it's new... how do you get games on it? Company staff may not have enough time on their hands to figure out how to use an Xbox, find popular games for children's hospitals, and then purchase and download those games. Not to mention, how do you keep players from connecting to the internet, seeking unwanted content, and using their own profiles?

Fully Loaded Electronics specializes in loading game consoles, tablets, VR headsets, and more with video games and movies. Usually, when you get a Fully Loaded game bundle, you get the system and games right to your door. But if you already have a game system, and you just need games appropriate for your hospital, library, or dentist's office, we've got you covered!

It's just three simple steps to get video games onto your newly donated console:

  1. Pick the bundle or games that you like. Any of our bundles are able to be loaded onto your Xbox, Playstation, or Switch. Don't know what you should get? No problem! We are experts at getting the right games for pediatrics, physical therapy, distraction, and everything in between. Just ask us for a custom bundle!
  2. Send us your console. Don't worry about game controllers, plugs, discs, or anything else. We'll get to work on loading your Xbox with games, loading your iPad with movies for hospitals, or anything else! We will also make sure that the system is locked down as much as possible so your players can keep playing the intended content.
  3. Enjoy your Fully Loaded game system! We'll send it right back, complete with warranty info, instructions on how to play, and other items that you may have ordered like a mobile game cart or console security case. Just press the ON button and you're ready to go!

 Do you have an Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch that needs games?
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