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Safely Promoting Positive Behavior for Inmates

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2020 has provided us with an abundance of things to make us just want to pack it in and take a nap until 2021. While that is tempting (and clearly not an option), we’re choosing the route of gratitude and acceptance.

For the last 12 years, we have been invested in the positive experiences that can be experienced through gaming, even while incarcerated. This year, we were called to fill roles that were not traditionally ours, but ones we were uniquely positioned to handle. We have been providing PPE, non-WiFi enabled handheld gaming, and virtual visiting tablets to correctional facilities across the county enabling staff to interact safely and keep inmates on track with positive behavior incentives.

We will continue to expand our offerings to fill the needs of our clients. And we hope that you will come to look at us a broad solutions provider who goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are cared and their needs are met.

If your facility is looking for ways to add behavior incentives, safe visiting protocols, or PPE for staff and inmates, we would love to chat.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Fully Loaded Electronics.


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