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Seniors: Safe Holiday Celebration with Visiting Tablets

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Being apart this holiday season doesn’t mean seniors can’t be a part of family holiday celebrations!  

With the holidays coming up and COVID cases on the rise, families are trying to figure out how to celebrate together safely. For those who can’t go to a family event for the holidays, bring the family event to them with a Virtual Visiting Tablet from Fully Loaded.

An iPad from Fully Loaded comes configured to easily send and receive video calls and is backed by our fanatical tech support team. These medical grade and 100% wipeable devices allow you to fully disinfect the device as it travels from room to room in your facility. 

Help your residents stay connected to family and friends this holiday season with a Virtual Visiting Tablet from Fully Loaded.

We’re here to help keep your residents connected with their families. I’d be happy to talk you through your options.

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