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Video Games and the Future of Travel

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The Future of Travel is Now.

It’s exciting to think about how we will vacation 20 years from now. Will travelers still want to vacation on remote tropical islands, or tuck themselves into a comfy lodge, deep in the woods?  How are hotels and resorts preparing to remain relevant to travelers and fulfill their wants and needs during the upcoming years?

Gamers are the latest population of travelers coming to the attention of hotels worldwide. The average age of a video game player is between 18 – 35 years old, and 40% of them plan on taking a vacation with their friends in the next year. In addition, they take an average of 7.4 trips per year. 62% of this population will travel with kids under the age of five. For many gamers, time away from home is the only time they have to themselves and they spend their free time playing video games. Staying in a hotel with gaming rooms and services is a big bonus to these types of guests who find gaming the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Meeting Increased Demand

Hotels are beginning to cater to this diverse group, whether their guests are at the hotel for fun or work, and there is no reason why their gaming time away from home must be limited to their phones. They expect the same, if not higher, level of video gaming experience that they would have at home. To meet the increased demand from gamers, hotels have developed different ways to provide them what they want. Many hotels sell themselves, in part, through their tech amenities, offering

rooms targeted to gamers. There are different ways to offer gaming, either by installing gaming systems in rooms or having guests check them out at the front desk. There is the option of providing gaming systems as a free amenity or charging a nightly rate.

In-suite gaming stations are a real life saver for the family that’s traveling with their kiddos on a rainy day (it even rains on tropical islands) and what better way to keep the kids entertained than letting them play videos, allowing mom and dad a chance to relax. The games provided by Fully Loaded Electronics (FLE) are easily sanitized and require little tech know-how because of the five-star FLE Tech Support, assuring hotels that the gaming services they offer will be the best and most up-to-date gaming options available.

With more than 164 million Americans playing video games, it is the leading form of entertainment today and considered integral in the American culture. Video gamers represent a diverse cross-section of the population, and contrary to popular opinion, gamers are generally healthy, engaged, college educated, and socially active. With gamers spending 440% more on video games than movies, smart hoteliers are picking up on these cues and marketing towards this dynamic population. Video gamers are a loyal community as well, they are passionate about video games and will tell their friends, family and co-workers about their travels. Hotels and resorts that market to them are going to be rewarded for bringing this service to their guests.

Other hotels are going the extra mile by catering specifically to gamers. With 5G coming, these tech perks will increase in number and capacity. As the advances in technology continue and 5G becomes commonplace, these amenities will become easier and more affordable to offer.

Having gaming themed rooms or a gaming room in the hotel or resort itself encourages visitors to stay on site, consuming more food and beverages than if they were to go off-site. With gaming a vital part of daily life, guests are willing to pay extra for in-suite gaming. Fully Loaded Electronics offers the most popular gaming devices and there’s the option of providing fully loaded systems that contain only “E” rated games. Fully Loaded Electronics provide hotels with the option of increasing their guests experience by offering the latest in entertainment and increasing the bottom line through higher room rates and more food and beverage sales. By focusing on the guest’s experience, such as gaming, a hotel is not just a transactional robot providing a bed and bath, they are responding to the needs of today’s tourists.

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