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Video Games: Vast Versatility for Hospitals

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Video games are an extremely versatile tool (we liken them to the swiss army knife) hospitals can use to help a patient manage pain, boredom, anxiety, sadness, and cognitive impairment while also allowing social connection and interaction with family and friends.

Knowing what games to recommend based on a patient’s current condition can be extremely helpful. Our partners at Child’s Play created a Therapeutic Video Game Recommendation guide that we find exceptionally well done. If you’re looking for a quick reference to select games for your patients based on symptoms or desired outcome, this guide will be your new best friend. You can download the guide here. 

Knowing what games to allow, how to use the systems, keep them safe, keep them clean, and keep them functioning are challenges that many hospitals dread taking on when it comes to adding in Video Game devices. These are challenges that Fully Loaded Electronics is uniquely positioned to handle with ease and speed. Our video game solutions for hospitals are comprehensive solutions; from making system recommendations to tech support and security, we offer full stop solutions for hospitals.

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