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Virtual Reality's Role in Correctional Rehabilitation

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Every person in a correctional facility has a different story to what led them to be incarcerated. As a society, we use our correctional facilities as tools for deterring criminal behavior and for punishment, but they’re also the starting point for a potential second chance. Correctional and rehabilitation programs can prepare those who do get released for a more positive life after prison with a reduced possibility of repeated offenses.

Virtual reality (VR) can be a part of your behavioral incentive and rehabilitation programs.

Meet our Fully Loaded VR options, self-contained VR systems – headset + controller. For correctional facilities, appropriate games are loaded directly on the system, with no internet required. VR provides correctional facilities the ability to provide a totally immersive entertainment incentive within the constraints of their physical environment. Participants are taken to a completely different reality where they can experience life outside of the prison while they are still very much incarcerated. While a field trip outside of the facility walls may be out of the question, a virtual go-kart race, defending the kingdom from the troll king and living in a virtual sunset on Land’s End may be just what your facility needs.

All systems are loaded with games, calibrated, ready to play, and hygienic – we ensure there are no porous surfaces so you can disinfect between players to share the fun, not the germs.

We're here to answer questions and even build a custom VR bundle for your unique setting. Call or email today to explore your options.

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