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We are Giving Away 10,000 Free Xbox Game Passes!

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WE ARE GIVING AWAY 10,000 FREE XBOX GAME PASSES! Thanks to a special partnership between Xbox and Game Changer Charity, we get to provide free game passes to children’s hospitals, patients, and staff.  You can utilize the passes on your hospital’s empty Xbox Ones that have strong internet connections. Since games cycle in and out with Game Pass, it’s best to utilize Game Pass on non-fully loaded Xbox Ones. Call FLE if you want to use the Game Pass on your fully loaded Xbox Ones and we’ll help you preserve your preloaded games and tamper-prevention settings.

Interested in free game passes? Contact Shelly at Fully Loaded Electronics at 1-888-506-0219 or send an email to Shelly@FullyLoadedElectronics.com


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