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Tablet Maintenance Plan

Tablet Maintenance Plan

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A maintenance plan is a simple way to safeguard your investment against unexpected problems. If anything breaks, just put it in the mail, send us a tracking number, and we will put a replacement in the mail for you right away.

How is a maintenance plan different than a warranty?

Our maintenance plan covers EVERYTHING except theft and vandalism. If a patient pours a gallon of orange juice onto your iPad, we'll take care of it. If a curious guest dismantles a Kindle Fire Tablet just to see what's inside? No problem. With a maintenance plan, you're not just protecting your hardware, you're buying peace of mind.

  • Available For All Apple iPads and Kindle Fire Tablets
  • Just Mail Back Anything That Breaks For Replacement
  • All Accidental Damage Covered, Including Cracked Screens And Wear And Tear
  • Tablet Maintenance Plans Add 8% to 15% To Your Tablet's Cost, Per Year Of Coverage
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$ 1,340.00