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Protective Security Case (iPad)

Protective Security Case (iPad)

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  • Custom Made To Our Specifications
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  • Perfectly Compatible With Our iPad Tablets
  • Designed To Be Mounted On To A Wall Or Table
  • Fully Protects Your iPad From Damage And Theft


This high quality protective security case is custom designed to secure and protect any iPad you purchase from Fully Loaded Electronics.  It can be easily mounted with a screwdriver to any flat surface to prevent theft, while also providing full use of the iPad. 

Made from two sheets of clear cast acrylic this unit is sleek, heavily reinforced, and elegantly protects your iPad. The casing is a wall or table mounted security solution with the speaker, volume, home button, power, headphone jack, screen and front facing camera unobstructed so you can make full use of the iPad as intended. 

It's perfect for hospitals, hotels, offices, or even a rental property. If you have an environment with constantly revolving customers that have to be entertained, this case is the solution!

We laser cut the acrylic ourselves so we can accommodate your specific needs. We can use thicker acrylic for heavy-duty security or opaque and colored acrylic to fit your tastes and needs.

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$ 135.00