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Grand Theft Auto 5 - Ready to Play!

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If you’re shopping for the best value for Grand Theft Auto 5 and a PlayStation 3, you’ve found it! We offer 5 bundles loaded with games and movies for an amazing in-home arcade and theater experience!

gta5.pngFind Grand Theft Auto 5, plus many more games and movies, on the following bundles:

gow-ps3.jpg God of War PlayStation 3 Bundle: Includes Grand Theft Auto 5, God of War 1 & 2, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta, plus more than 20 recent favorite and classic games, and more than 20 movies.

Uncharted PlayStation 3 Bundle: Includes Grand Theft Auto 5, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, more than 20 additional games and more than 20 movies.


Call of Duty PlayStation 3 Bundle: Includes Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and more than 20 additional games and more than 20 movies.


The Ultimate PlayStation 3 Bundle: This amazing bundle includes Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Disney Universe, LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes, more than 40 additional games and more than 30 movies. This bundle also comes with 2 gaming controllers.


The Ultimate PlayStation 3 Bundle with Move:  This bundle has all the same games and movies as the Ultimate bundle (above) PLUS the Move game Sports Champions. This bundle includes 2 gaming controllers plus the PlayStation Move Eye and Wand for motion gaming.

For pricing and more information on any of these bundles, click the linked titles for each bundle.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about these bundles:

Can I play the games online? You bet! Just set up a new user on the PS3 with your own PlayStation Network (PSN) account to save your gameplay and keep trophies, or play with a user we’ve set up for you named “Play Here.”

Do these PS3's come with the latest Sony firmware? Yes, it's all the latest Sony firmware. You can download additional games and movies from the PlayStation Store with your own PSN account at any time.

Are these all full versions of the games and movies? Yes. They are all full versions, downloaded and installed and ready to play.

Are the games saved to the PlayStation 3? Yes, all the games and movies are downloaded and saved to the PlayStation 3's internal memory. There are no disks to scratch or lose. The entire bundle is saved onto the PlayStation 3 for the most convenient in-home arcade and theater experience available.

Can Fully Loaded Electronics add even more games to my PS3? Yes! Check out our Game Upgrades. For about half the price you'd pay retail, we can load more games on your wish list, like: DmC: Devil May Cry, Dishonored, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, and LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes. Just select your PS3 bundle and put it in your cart, and then go to Game Upgrades and select additional games with the drop down menu and add them to your cart. It’s an excellent value!

Is there a payment plan? Yes, PayPal offers a “Bill Me Later” option where they extend credit to qualifying customers. Bill Me Later is subject to credit approval and offered by Comenity Capital Bank. We've heard that customers have received deals like no payments for 6 months, however please read all the details for the interest rate and fees. Fully Loaded Electronics is not extending you the credit - PayPal is - so be sure to do all your homework before signing up.

How much does shipping cost? Parcel Post shipping is free with your order and takes 8-10 days, plus allow 1-2 days for us to process your order prior to shipment. If you want your PS3 faster, upgrade your shipping to Priority (2-5 days) for $35 or Express (1-2 days) for $65. When you are checking out, the Shipping option defaults to free Parcel Post. Use the Shipping dropdown menu to change the option if you want to while you’re in checkout.

What if I have more questions? We're happy to help! Send us an email: CustomerCare@FullyLoadedElectronics.com.


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