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3DS XL Loaded with Games and Movies, Ready to Play!

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With unmatched value and convenience, Fully Loaded 3DS XL’s are a great price and are ready to play, the moment you turn them on!


Fully Loaded Electronics offers 12 3DS XL bundles: Mario, Deluxe Mario, Zelda, Deluxe Zelda, Princess, Deluxe Princess, Pokemon, Deluxe Pokemon, Racing, Deluxe Racing, Limited Edition Deluxe Mario & Luigi, and the Ultimate Premium Deluxe Bundle. Here are our 3 best sellers:


Deluxe Mario: Loaded with Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario Bros. 1 & 2, and many more games plus 26 short films! Everyone loves Mario, and this bundle has been our #1 best seller for months.


Deluxe Pokemon: If you’ve gotta catch ‘em all, do it with Pokemon Y, Pokemon Pokedex Pro, Pokemon Dream Radar, and many more games plus 26 short films. You select the 3DS XL color from a wide selection, including the limited edition Pokemon red and blue.


Deluxe Princess: The Deluxe Princess bundle has been a strong favorite among FLE customers shopping for girls and tweens. The bundle includes fashion games Make-Up and Style and Picture Perfect Stylist, plus the unbearably adorable Nintendogs, and more fun games and 26 short films. You select 3DS XL color. The most popular color for this bundle is pink, but we’ve also had customers order it in red, blue, and black.

What colors do the bundles come in? There are many colors available! When you select the bundle you want, use the drop-down menu to select the color. Note that the price changes depending on the bundle. Some colors go on sale if we have a lot in stock, and the limited edition units (Pokemon, Gold Zelda, Silver Mario & Luigi) cost more than the colors that are standard.


FLE 3DS XL Review: Through 2013 and heading into 2014, our most popular handheld gaming system has been the Nintendo 3DS XL. It’s like the DS but bigger, and it is 3D capable, meaning that many games and movies are in 3D for amazing depth. The outer casing is durable, the menu is easy to navigate, and Fully Loaded Electronics sells the unit in a variety of colors loaded with a selection of game and movie bundles.

What if I need a lot of units for my school, camp, or pediatric hospital unit? We offer a bulk discount for orders over 10. Just give us a call for pricing and possible customization to make sure the order exactly fits your needs: 1-888-506-0219.  


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