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Go Retro with the PlayStation Portable 3000 (PSP)

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Although the PlayStation Portable handheld gaming system has been followed by the PSP Go (now retired) and the PS Vita, the PSP is still a popular and preferred gaming system for many people. For a number of good reasons, many people still prefer the PSP to more recent handheld gamers. FLE is proud to offer the PSP 3000 Slim loaded with 10 game and movie bundles so it’s ready to play the moment you open the box.

Here are some reasons folks still prefer the PSP over more recently released handheld gaming systems:

1. UMD Disks: The PSP is the only system that plays UMD disks. Lots of people still have vast collections of UMD games. Other people appreciate the ability to cheaply buy used UMDs, sell UMDs they’re done with, and trade UMDs with friends to make each game investment go farther.

2. Great Feel: The PSP just feels great in your hands. It’s lightweight, the spacing of the buttons makes it easy to play for both kids and adults, and button locations are intuitive and easy to use.

3. Replaceable, Rechargeable Batteries: The PSP’s battery is easy to take out and replace, and you can charge multiple batteries and take them with you on a trip so you can easily swap out dead batteries for a fresh one, and recharge them all when you get home.

FLE is proud to offer multiple bundles of games and movies for kids and adults. All games and movies are saved to a memory card we put in the system for you, so there are no disks to lose and it’s ready to play as one all-inclusive gaming system.

Here are some of our best-selling PSP bundles:




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