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Nintendo 2DS: Fun and Durable Handheld Gaming

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The Nintendo 2DS is a great handheld gaming device for kids ages 3 to 10. It is a lot like the 3DS but without 3D images, and it is flat (without a hinge - see Durable Design below). FLE offers a number of fun game and movie bundles loaded onto the 2DS for instant fun. Let's get to know the Nintendo 2DS!

Durable Design: The 3DS XL and 3DS have a clamshell design with a hinge so the system can be closed when it’s not being used. The 2DS offers a flat design with a very durable exterior that makes it excellent for younger gamers.


Who is the 2DS good for? Boys and girls ages 3 to 10. If you’re shopping for a younger child who is new to gaming, I highly recommend the Nintendo 2DS. It’s an excellent value for the money, the buttons and menus are easy to use, and the system itself is quite durable.

What is the price range for the 2DS? The 2DS is the most affordable handheld gaming system we offer. We offer highly entertaining bundles of games and movies for as low as $179.99!

What games play on the 2DS? The 2DS plays a wide variety of downloadable games from the Nintendo eStore. Games downloaded from the eStore must be saved to a memory card you put in the DS. In addition to the memory card slot on the 2DS, there is also a slot for game cartridges. A wide variety of cartridge games are available for the 2DS. The 2DS plays the same game cartridges as the 3DS and 3DS XL, however 3D games appear in 2D on the 2DS. The 2DS will also play your child's older collection of DS games!

2DS Bundles available now! Fully Loaded Electronics offers a number of game and movie bundles for the 2DS! Our best seller is the Deluxe Mario 2DS.


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