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Limited Edition 3DS XL's Bundled with Games - Ready to Play!

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Did you know that Fully Loaded Electronics carries a nice assortment of limited edition 3DS XL's? Enhance the wow factor on your next gift by giving one of our fabulous game and movie bundles loaded onto shiny limited edition 3DS XL. Here's what we have:

silverml.jpgOur Mario & Luigi Deluxe Bundle includes 16 games including Mario & Luigi's 3D Dream Team and 3 other Mario games, plus 26 short films! All are loaded onto the shiny silver limited edition 3DS XL

gold-zelda.jpgFind the luxuriously gold Limited Edition Zelda 3DS XL available with our Deluxe Legend of Zelda bundle, which has 16 games including Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and 4 other awesome Zelda adventures! Plus 26 short films.

pokemon-red.jpgpokemon-blue.jpgRed or blue? It's up to you! Battle it out with the hot game Pokemon Y, plus 14 other games, on our Deluxe Pokemon bundle.

On any of our bundles, you can select the color of your 3DS XL using the drop down menu. Limited edition units are available with many of our bundles as well. Limited Edition means Nintendo did a limited production run on these units, so they won't be around for long. Stock up now for birthdays later, or even Christmas for an amazing "how did you get this?!" moment. You can answer that you used your special crew of holiday elves (that's us!).


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