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The Top 3 Reasons To Have A Mobile Game Cart

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Mobile game cart, video game cart, game kiosk - however you word it, a cart on wheels that can carry a game console and a couple controllers can be hugely beneficial to any hospital, correctional facility, library, and many more places!

Remember this classic?

There's one thing nowadays that most kids have in common: they want to play video games. But when they are healing at a hospital, bringing a home console with them to their patient room is not very easy to do. Likewise, for Child Life Specialists at pediatric centers, it's not always feasible to have a video game system in each room - even if they are stationary with security cases, they can still be tough to keep track of. And what about when you can only have a few systems in your facility?

This is where the mobile game carts come in - they are easily maneuverable, secure, and sanitary!

The Gamer's Outreach GO Kart


The main benefit of a video game cart is that it can be transported across an entire floor with ease. They can be pushed very easily across flat floors and can fit through doorways. You won't have to worry having systems in specific rooms because you'll be able to move them around. All you'll have to do is plug in the cord that comes with the cart and it'll power right up!


The video game cart is a game system, a TV, and a lock-box all in one! Our carts can be locked to keep wandering hands from touching the system inside. There's holes for the power button so you can turn it on, disk access so you can put in your own games, and holes for the controller cords to go into. Usually, the controller cords can be secured inside the console housing, so the controllers can't walk away. 


One of the most important considerations for anything that you bring inside a hospital setting is: how is it cleaned? Infection and Disease Prevention is an entire department dedicated to keeping everything in the hospital clean, so of course when you bring something as large as a cart in, you want to make sure it's sanitary. Fully Loaded Electronics recommends that the game systems and their controllers be wiped down with any hospital-grade cleaning wipes. Fortunately, video game carts are either plastic or metal, and can also be wiped down with the same cleaners.

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