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FLE is a proud supporter of the ACLP

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Fully Loaded Electronics is proud to announce its support of the Association of Child Life Professionals!

The ACLP has been around since 1982. Since that time, they have established, maintained, and promoted the standards for the Child Life profession. Their research and involvement has helped to foster growth in that segment to help it become one of the most important parts of a patient's recovery.

Child Life professionals improve healthcare experiences for children by providing play, educational, and theraputic programs. These programs are very important as it gives healing children a sense of "normalcy" while in a healthcare setting.

Video games can be an integral part of a child's healing process. Many kids (and adults!) have a fondness of gaming, having grown up with game consoles in their home. Playing video games helps patients keep distracted in a positive mindset. 

Throughout our 12 years of operation, Fully Loaded has helped countless child life specialists, nurses, and doctors get their patients the tools they need to have fun while healing. We love to hear about how kids can enjoy playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch or Minecraft on the Xbox, thanks to their caretakers.

Thank you to all the hospital staff that make it possible for kids to heal!

Benefits of Gaming Child Life Hospital

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