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New games added to our Nintendo Switch Bundles!

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At Fully Loaded Electronics, we are always looking for the best games to add to our Xbox, Playstation, and Switch bundles. We do the work so it's easy for Child Life Specialists and other staff members to provide video games to their players! You can rest assured that we put the best family-friendly games on our systems, ready to play as soon as they arrive. Here are our three new additions to our Nintendo Switch Game Bundles.


The Adventure Pals 

How can you possibly go on an adventure without your giraffe and pet rock? Who else could possibly help you save your kidnapped father from being turned into a hot dog?

One of our newest additions to the Nintendo Switch Family Bundle is The Adventure Pals. This game takes all the goofy humor of cartoons like Adventure Time, and puts the excitement right into the player's hands. It's undeniably fun for kids to fight a giant boss monster made of bacon and eggs named Breakfast Buccaneer. And that is what this game is all about, jumping right into the fun. The Adventure Pals is a wonderful game that will keep players laughing, and excited at any age.

The Adventure Pals has won the Indie Prize for “Best Kids & Family Game”, and Intel Level Up 2017’s "Best Character Design", as well as many others. 


Another awesome game we have added is Defunct. This story is about a broken robot racing across the earth to get home after falling out of their spaceship. Think Wall-E meets Sonic the Hedgehog.

There is something fun about going fast, and racing games provide that feeling in a safe environment. Your increasing momentum pulls you forward through the game, and there is something incredibly wholesome about playing as this broken robot who won’t let his malfunction stop him from getting home. 

My Brother Rabbit 

Last but not least is My Brother Rabbit. A game that brings everything interesting and fun about a kid's imagination to the forefront and throws a puzzle game right into the middle of it. It's a story about a rabbit setting out on an adventure to help his friend, a flower that has fallen ill. The fantasy world feels like an art museum dedicated to Alice in Wonderland, and the adventure looks back to old kids magazines with the “spot the difference” picture games for inspiration. 

Underneath the whimsy and wonder is a heartwarming story about a brother trying to help his sick sister by taking her on this imaginary adventure. Not every game needs to be about finding a cure or saving the world, this one is about bringing joy to someone who needs it.

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