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Introducing the Reimagine Well System

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Video games are fun, but when video games support healing they’re even better.

Fully Loaded Electronics is proud to announce a partnership with Reimagine Well to provide a gamified healing experience for children receiving MRIs, radiation treatments, infusions, or other procedures. The groundbreaking Reimagine Well bundle of products reduces anxiety for patients and family, speeds up procedure times, and decreases the need for sedation.

So, what is Reimagine Well?

Reimagine Well is a bundle of products with three main features:

  • MRI and Radiation Room Experience
  • Infusionarium Experience
  • Patient In-Room Education & Support Network

What is the MRI and Radiation Room Experience?

Using an Xbox controller and the VR headset or the laptop computer, patients view and explore a 3D MRI or radiation room at their own pace to build comfort and confidence. In the MRI simulation, patients can even lay down on the bed, see the view from inside the MRI machine, and hear the MRI thumps and bangs. In the radiation room program, the patient can experience a cranial or full-body radiation to reduce fears and increase comfort with the procedure. Parents can watch along, decreasing anxiety for caregivers as well.

What are the benefits of the MRI and Radiation Room Experiences?

  • The Xbox controller is familiar and comfortable for the kiddo, and most importantly it puts patients in control of this new environment. They can explore at their own pace.
  • Lowers anxiety for patients and caregivers. By seeing and experiencing the room ahead of the procedure, patients are parents are more comfortable and confident about the procedure.
  • Lowers the need for sedation. In a proof of concept study of 33 children receiving radiation, 6 children ages 4-5 were able to complete the radiation treatment without anesthesia. Two children age 3 successfully completed the treatment without anesthesia. Most significantly, the mean age of patients requiring sedation was lowered from 5 years to 2.6 years.
  • Increases facility through-put. Relieving anxiety and reducing the need for sedation means everything goes more quickly. In the aforementioned study for Reimagine Well, 66.75 hours were freed up, allowing for 275 additional treatment sessions.

What is the Infusionarium Experience?

The Infusionarium Experience is a suite of videos that transport patients to exciting or soothing locations for immersive healing experiences while they have an infusion or other procedure. Reimagine Well created this library of videos as an answer to the question they posed to patients: “Where would you like to heal?”

What is the Patient In-Room Education & Support Network?

Using the Reimagine Well Education and Support Network, patients can learn more about their healing journey and connect online with hospital staff or other patients they met on their healing journey. The network is secure, the data is not collected, and there are no ads

What equipment is included in the Reimagine Well bundle?

This bundle includes:

  • Laptop computer
  • VR headset
  • Xbox controller
  • Software suite with multiple licenses for use in infusion rooms and patient rooms

Can the Reimagine Well product improve healing in your hospital? We’re happy to talk with you about it! Call us at (425) 582-3173, or email Shelly Lee (Shelly@FullyLoadedElectronics.com).

Shelly Lee founded Fully Loaded Electronics with her husband in 2007 and has helped hundreds of hospitals, hotels, libraries, and other clients to deliver seamless, easy, and fun video game experiences in public spaces. Shelly knows video games provide important community, entertainment and distraction, and she’s committed to helping public spaces and their staff deliver these benefits to visitors of all ages. Shelly’s 10+ years in the health care video game industry have made her a resource for all of the top 25 children’s hospitals in the United States, as well as major charities including Make-A-Wish, Child’s Play, Gamers Outreach, StackUp and many more. Shelly holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Washington.
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