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Case Study: iPads in Children's Surgery

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Every so often, we get feedback here at Fully Loaded Electronics that lets us know how our product is helping our pediatric hospital clients. Our iPads and Kindles are loaded with games and movies ready to enjoy in settings like children's hospitals, and we're always happy to provide distraction to patients going through their healing process.

Donut Dash, a Child Life benefit program, reached out to us looking to donate handheld entertainment to distract kids going into surgery at UC Davis. Upon receiving their donation from Donut Dash, Diane at UC Davis Children's let us know how they use their iPads.

"The Fully Loaded iPads are incredibly helpful in Children’s Surgery Center for procedure support, to help normalize the hospital environment and use as a transitional item as the child moves from the waiting room to the OR. We are setting up four more for our pediatric emergency department to be used in the same way.  They certainly help pass the time and allow the child to focus their attention on something positive rather than their worries."

Many hospitals suggest that our loaded iPads are the perfect solution as they already have content loaded directly onto the device, and don't need the internet to be enjoyed. We carefully select content appropriate for all ages - meaning no graphic content, and games at every difficulty level so even older kids and teens will enjoy using the iPad.

"Our favorite part about the Fully Loaded iPads are that they have no ads, are continuous movies, user friendly and can be up to date on the current movies/games. Our IT department loves that they do not have to be connected to the WiFi for the children to be able to use them."

Are you a part of a hospital that is looking for a way to provide normalcy to patients? Fully Loaded Electronics iPads, Kindles, and Nintendo Switches are all great options that can be set up with our pre-made bundles so they're ready to go as soon as they arrive. We're also happy to customize bundles so that they come with the content you're looking for!

Are you looking to donate handheld electronics to a local children's hospital? Fully Loaded Electronics serves hundreds of hospitals across the US (and farther!) with their tablet and video game needs, and we'd be delighted to help with your request!

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