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Video Games Fill Their Prescription for Normalcy

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My entire company exists to serve hospitals and their patients. While we can’t cure whatever ails your patients, we can make their stay a bit more comfortable… and dare we say… fun?

“Our pediatric patients LOVE using the fully loaded electronics. It brings a sense of normalcy and fun to the hospital environment… These systems truly do make a difference for our patients during their hospital stays…” Janet Grom, CCLS, Banner Children’s

The Arcade Cart brings the fun.

Arcade Cart – it’s a video game cart that can house any video game system. We recommend one of our fully loaded video game systems, like the Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. The cart arrives mostly assembled, has a nice narrow footprint for storage, and includes a 24” monitor with excellent sound and anti-glare screen. The screen tilts up/down to face the player, and it comes with 2 wired or wireless controllers, your choice.

And brings massive benefits.

Patient Benefits: The Arcade Cart brings much needed entertainment and distraction for patients in a waiting area or in the hospital for an in-patient stay. Video games help patients pass the time and increase satisfaction scores (which then lead to higher Medicare reimbursement rates for the hospital). Patients also report less pain when they’re distracted by video games.

Hospital Benefits: Hospital staff love the Arcade Cart because it has the games already loaded. There are no disks to manage, fetch and clean. There’s no internet to connect. There are no personal accounts used on the system, so there are no HIPAA concerns. And having all the games loaded on the system means patients are entertained and less focused on discomforts, leading to fewer requests of hospital staff and greater patient satisfaction.

 “We utilize full loaded every single day to help bring brightness and joy to our PICU and oncology patients… [the] video game console helps kids feel more at home even though they can’t go home yet and allows them to feel like a kid for the time being.” ­– Ryan Lohr, Child Life, Inova Health Systems

As I mentioned, all our consoles come loaded with games on them. Here are the three consoles we most often sell with a cart:

We're here to discuss how we can add some normalcy and fun back into your patient’s lives. Call today: (425) 582-3173. Or email Shelly for a quote or more information: shelly@fullyloadedelectronics.com.

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