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Equipping Esports with Tools for Success

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We miss esports tournaments and we know you and the esports community do too. If you’re starting to daydream about a future tournament, let Fully Loaded Electronics be part of that dream. Even if you are just in the preliminary stages and still answering all the “what if’s,” we’d love to be your planning partner.

We rent gaming consoles, including the Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and earlier generations of PlayStation and Xbox for use in tournaments. We also rent full gaming PC rigs. With our vast experience in this industry, we can make sure your tournament planning includes all the gaming equipment you need.

If you’re anxious to get an event planned and a budget set, we can help. Let us fill in all the console and PC rental details for you so you’ll have at least one known element even if everything else is still upside down.


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