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Improving Seniors' Telehealth Experience

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Advances in telehealth medicine has allowed medical facilities to continue offering routine and wellness visits even when their offices were closed to in-person visits. While these advances have been critical in keeping seniors healthy, it hasn’t always been easy.

We’ve heard good and bad stories about how telehealth has been implemented in Senior Living Facilities. When the technology fails (Wi-Fi not working, incorrect buttons being pushed, audio/video cutting out or not working, inability to hold the iPad, etc.) it creates frustration and requires intervention which breaks the privacy that the patient may be needing with their doctor.

Doctors and counselors are advocating for continued use of telehealth as it allows them to see multiple patients, in various facilities without the risk of spreading disease (COVID or otherwise).

Improving the telehealth experience.

Meet the Telepresence Robot. Essentially it is a tablet on a stand, on wheels. It is medical grade and 100% wipeable. It is remote controlled, so the user can be anywhere in the world and log into the robot at your facility to drive around and speak to and see residents. It displays the driver’s face and projects their voice, it is self-balancing, knows to avoid obstacles, and provides cameras and a microphone so the driver can easily see and hear the world around the robot. And the driver can adjust the height and tilt the tablet to adjust their view of the world and meet people at eye-level.

What’s more, it is incredibly easy to use.

This is the third generation of this robot, and it is absolutely the best yet. Drivers can operate the robot at your facility from just about any computer, cell phone or tablet using an app. The app itself is easy to use, with no unnecessary buttons or settings to think about. Simply connect to the robot and drive.

Will the Telepresence Robot replace in-person human interaction in every circumstance? No. But could it make your day, or parts of your day, safer? Could it make the world more accessible for many people? Yes and yes.

We would love to talk with you about the Telepresence Robot and what it could mean for medical treatment at your facility. 


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