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Spreading Smiles and Laughter for Patients and Staff

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Walking into a hospital room that is full of contagious laughter is not a common experience. While a stay at the hospital may never be on par with a trip to Disneyland, there can be an element of fun alongside the seriousness of the visit.

Fully Loaded provides that much needed element of fun.

A little bit of fun, by way of a Fully Loaded Nintendo Switch with 23 popular and appropriate video games, is what will allow parents to relax a little. It is what will provide distraction and entertainment to kids and teens who may otherwise be having the “worst day ever.” This little bit of fun can also be a great way for hospital staff to break the ice with patients, build trust and camaraderie and increase patient compliance with treatments.

If you want to feel like a Rockstar for a day, try rolling a Fully Loaded Arcade Cart into a patient’s room. When they realize they’ll be able to play games like Minecraft, Mario, racing games, LEGO games, and sports games, a glimpse of normalcy and excitement takes over. While you may not get a standing ovation, they’ll definitely ask for an encore performance and maybe challenge you to a Rocket League game.

Our solutions for hospitals vary from Arcade Carts to handheld devices and virtual visiting robots. They’re all medical grade to ensure safety and sanitization protocols are met. We would be happy to work up a custom solution for your hospital. 


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