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FAQ's for Corrections - Everything You Need to Know

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We have had a lot of questions about how we work with corrections facilities to sell video games to inmates, and keep them safe, controlled and managed properly. This short FAQ will walk you through what a typical engagement with us could look like for your correctional facility. Every program we deploy for a facility like yours, is custom tailored; we create solutions based on your needs and desired outcomes.

FAQ 1: Don’t most of these systems come with Wi-Fi or internet connections which would allow the participant to do more than just play the games?

Yes. Out of the box, modern gaming systems all have some level of connectedness to the Internet. However, devices from Fully Loaded are manipulated before they are delivered to your facility to disable or completely remove any Wi-Fi capabilities. No amount of tampering or tinkering can turn this back on.

FAQ 2: How does my facility know what systems and games are being delivered?

Our relationship is with the correctional facility, not with the player.  The detainee would purchase the systems directly through your commissary or store. You would have direct control over what is entering your facility at all times. Each system also comes with anti-tamper stickers over the storage card and seams of the system.

FAQ 3: Can we control what games the inmates are playing?

Yes! While the inmates can choose what games they would like to have on their device, they will select only from a pool of games that are pre-approved by you.

FAQ 4: We are thinking of using this for an incentive program. What if the participant loses the privilege of having this device?

Fully Loaded offers a stow-away service in case an inmate has a status change and they're no longer allowed to have the system for some period of time.

FAQ 5: No one here is a tech or gaming expert. What kind of service and support can we expect?

On the technical side of things, Fully Loaded offers a 1-year limited warranty that covers defects.  On the support and service side of things, you can expect fast and thorough support. We are video game experts. In the initial phase of our relationship, we will guide you through which devices would be best to achieve your desired outcome. As the systems get implemented in your facility, we will act as your tech support guru to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

FAQ 6: What happens to the system when the player is released?

Fully Loaded offers a system trade-in service so inmates can have a new system with their games when they are released from your facility. We know video games are an important part of life both in and outside of your facility and want to make sure the reward they have earned is usable as they leave your facility.

If you have a question about how video games and correctional facilities go together that wasn’t on this list, let’s chat. We would be happy to share with you the experience of other facilities who are using these programs and having fantastic success.


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