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Providing Seniors with a Safe and Fun Environment

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Research conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that depression is the seventh most common chronic condition among assisted living residents, affecting as many as 28% of them. When asked about how to create an environment to assist those living with depression, the study suggested:

  1. Make the community accessible so that visitors can easily socialize with other residents.
  2. Make it easy for residents to visit family and friends.
  3. Form a welcoming committee for new residents to get acclimated.

The study mentioned a few other ways to create a welcoming environment and of the 12 suggestions, 7 of them were directly related to creating a sense of community and connectedness. More than ½ of the suggestions were things that we simply cannot do today under the COVID protocols. Not only do we empathize with the residents who cannot do the activities they enjoy and see the people they love, we also empathize with those working with seniors and are trying their best to keep attitudes positive and spirits lifted.

We find ourselves in the position to help keep seniors connected to the outside world with our virtual visiting tablet, keep them entertained with our Wii systems, and keep them progressing forward with video games designed to assist with cognitive impairment.

We take pride in the custom services we offer.  Together we can keep your residents safe, connected, and entertained.


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