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Fully Loaded Electronics helps grant Judson's game room wish

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This past Thanksgiving, Fully Loaded Electronics was able to help Make-A-Wish with their task of granting a game room wish.

Nine-year-old Judson has a congenital heart condition that limits him from walking or running extensively. He does like to play basketball and throw around a football, but his wish was to have his very own game room he can share with his friends and cousins.

See how Fully Loaded Electronics can help charities like Make-A-Wish

Judson and his family thanks Make-A-Wish in for his new game room

Many local South Dakota companies came together to help design and build his dream game room.

Fully Loaded Electronics was honored to supply a Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Bundle, big-screen TV, gaming chair and microphone, and other video game-related items to deck out Judson's new space.

Judson's favorite gamer was the eSports streamer Ninja, who is a big name in the Fortnite space. Along with the Fortnite-equipped PlayStation 4, FLE provided wall decorations such as a Ninja poster and Fortnite banner with the kiddo's name.

Judson with Builders First Source showing the PS4 VR Bundle, gaming chair, and banner

Fully Loaded Electronics helps charities like Make-A-Wish with their video game requests. We pre-load games and software onto video game consoles, PCs, and tablets for child use, while also making sure to configure settings appropriate for the recipient's environment, like a hospital or waiting room.

FLE also keeps its ear to the ground in regards to video games and gaming culture. The owners, Shelly and James Lee, and the entire staff have many years of experience with video games. If you ever have questions about video games, console tech support, the right video game bundles, or anything else, reach out to CustomerCare@FullyLoadedElectronics.com!

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