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Stay and Play! Today's Hotel Video Game System

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Delight your guests with a fully loaded hotel video game system. Providing a video game system to your customers doesn’t have to be a hassle. Fully Loaded Electronics can supply the gaming system your guests want, loaded with the games they demand, and you can even make a profit. This article will tell you how to turn an amenity your guests value into increased revenue for your hotel.

Preloaded Game Systems

Make it easy on yourself and get video game systems that are preloaded with games on the hard drive and ready to play. Disk games are a nightmare to manage, and they are frequently scratched, lost and stolen. Here at Fully Loaded Electronics we’ll work with you to load your gaming system with games that are exciting and appropriate for your customer base, and we can even push out updated games twice a year to keep your consoles fresh. We also adjust the settings on your consoles to prevent tampering and keep everything running smoothly. Here are the most popular video game systems for hotels:

Xbox One Bundles: Fully Loaded Electronics carries the Xbox loaded with games and ready to play. Choose from bundles with a few as 5 games, or as many as 25 games. We have bundles for kids, teens, and adults. Browse our Xbox bundles here. You can also build a custom bundle – just email us your custom game list and we’ll prepare a quote just for you.

PlayStation 4 Bundle: We also proudly carry PlayStation products loaded with games. Like the Xbox, you can choose from consoles with as few as 5 games, or as many as 25 games. There are bundles for every age and interest. We also customize.

Nintendo Switch Bundle: Nintendo Switch systems are typically used by family resorts and hotels with a lot of kids, tweens and teens. Fully Loaded Electronics can supply a Nintendo Switch loaded with as few as 5 games, or as many as 25 games. Switches can be used as handheld devices, or you can plug them into a TV using an HDMI cord for fun on the big screen.

Games, Games, Games

Which games will your guests want to play? We can help with that! Just let us know the ages of your players, and we can help you select or build a game bundle that will delight your guests and ensure that nobody is offended by what they may see as inappropriate content. For family resorts we recommend bundles where all the games are rated E for Everybody. However, in other settings sometimes games rated T for Teen are appropriate, and for adult audiences, games rated M for Mature may be what your guests demand.

If you're checking out consoles to guests at your front desk, you can even stock different consoles with different game bundles to suit the varying demographics of your guests. For example, at a hotel with families and child-free adult travelers, you may want 10 Xboxes loaded with games for kids and teens, and 10 loaded with games for adults.

In any case, we’ll help you choose games that are appropriate for your players, and we’ll help you come up with a good variety games that are popular and will entertain a variety of gamers. Most Fully Loaded Electronics game bundles include a nice variety of games including sports, racing, role-playing, puzzle, trivia, and open-ended creation games like Minecraft. Our game bundles include the top titles in gaming that your guests already play - or really want to! Top titles include Madden, FIFA, Fortnite, LEGO, Minecraft, Rocket League, Burnout Paradise, NHL, NBA and more.

Which Hotels Use Video Games

Hotels in every sector are incorporating video games to delight their customers and generate additional revenue.

Family Resort: At a family resort you can charge a nightly fee to use an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo system. After a fun day at your resort, give weary parents a break by providing video game systems to keep kiddos busy.

Casino Hotel: Keep self-sufficient tweens and teens entertained in their hotel room with a video game system while parents play the slots or see a show. You can generate revenue by charging a nightly rate for the gaming system, and it frees up adults to spend more enjoying your hotel’s other attractions.

Luxury Hotel: Guests of 5-star hotels sometimes expect a video game system in each room, however you can also check them out from the front desk. Make your guests’ experience phenomenal with a video game system loaded with games to enjoy in the comfort of their room.

The Top 3 Ways to Use Video Games at Your Hotel

There are many ways to incorporate video games into the amenities your hotel already offers. Here are the top three we see the most:

Vanguard mobile
Vanguard video game system case with built-in monitor and speakers.


  1. Check It Out! The most common way hotels use video game systems is to have a fleet of video game systems loaded with games on the hard drive, ready to play. We recommend one gaming system for about every twenty rooms. (This ratio varies depending upon the demographics of your guests.) Each gaming system lives inside a carrying case about the size of a briefcase. Each case includes two gaming controllers, and the hotel front desk staff check it out to guests for a nightly rate. The gaming system can be an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo. We load the gaming system with games that are appropriate for your guests.

    Fully Loaded Electronics’ check-out cases can come with or without a built-in monitor and speakers. If your gaming system is in a case with a built-in monitor (we carry and highly recommend the Vanguard mobile gaming case), then your player is all ready to go – just plug it in! If your case does not include a built-in monitor, guests can plug the gaming system into their in-room TV using an HDMI cord which they plug into the TV or into a media hub if you have one.

    Worried about gaming noise? We can also provide disposable earbuds.
    Carrying Case with no MonitorSoft case for guests to carry gaming system to their room and plug into the in-room TV.
  2. In-Suite Amenity: Install a video game system in some or all of your hotel rooms to provide amazing in-suite entertainment. You can charge more for rooms with video game systems, or charge a nightly fee just to users who want to use the system. Gaming systems can be locked with an access code to ensure only the users who pay will play. Protect your gaming system from tampering and theft with a Fully Loaded Electronics security case. Security cases can be mounted to a horizontal surface like an entertainment center, or they can be mounted vertically to a wall near or behind the TV. Both wired and wireless controllers are available, and we can provide the security solutions to ensure the controllers don’t walk off.
  3. Gaming Lounge: In addition to business centers, hotels are increasingly offering Gaming Lounges for guests to hang out and play video games. Traveling sports teams value a space where players can relax and play, and a Gaming Lounge makes your hotel attractive for eSports gaming tournaments. A Gaming Lounge shows the gaming world that your hotel understands video games and wants to play too!

Buy or Lease Video Game Consoles

Fully Loaded Electronics offers video game systems for purchase or for lease. Contact us for more details on how we can make sure video games fit your needs and your budget.

The Stats on Video Games

Did you know that more than half of all Americans play video games at least three hours per week? Video game players spend 440% more on video games than on movies, and video games are the fastest  growing and largest segment of the entertainment industry. With video games quickly becoming part of our daily lives, guests expect to have a video game amenity available when they stay at hotel. Like a hairdryer or a television, video game systems are a comfort from home that guests have come to expect from their when they spend a night out.

And video games are no longer just for kids. Business travelers and vacationers want to play, too.

Let’s Get Started!

I hope this article was a helpful introduction to video gaming at hotels. If you’re ready to learn more, I invite you to browse our game bundles here, or for more information call (888) 506-0219 or email CustomerCare@FullyLoadedElectronics.com. We’re happy to help!

Shelly Lee founded Fully Loaded Electronics with her husband in 2007 and has helped hundreds of hospitals, hotels, libraries, and other clients to deliver seamless, easy, and fun video game experiences in public spaces. Shelly knows video games provide important community, entertainment and distraction, and she’s committed to helping public spaces and their staff deliver these benefits to visitors of all ages. Shelly’s 10+ years in the health care video game industry have made her a resource for all of the top 25 children’s hospitals in the United States, as well as major charities including Make-A-Wish, Child’s Play, Gamers Outreach, StackUp and many more. Shelly holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Washington. Connect with Shelly on LinkedIn.

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