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Keeping Vulnerable Staff Safely at Work

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Listening to the recordings of my local school district’s “re-opening task force” meetings has opened my eyes to the many challenges schools are facing when trying to create a flexible re-opening plan. There are more questions than answers. Parents are threatening to withdraw students (taking funding with them). Teachers unions are threatening to strike over safety concerns. Schools are having to plan for the impossible.

How do you keep students and staff safe?

We can help…

As planning continues, we know school staff will be stretched thin. There’s more to do, and fewer people to do it as medically at-risk staff choose to stay home. Many of our at-risk teachers are a wealth of knowledge and invaluable assets to our schools. Keeping them teaching, safely, can be done with a Telepresence Robot.

A Telepresence Robot allows you to teach a class remotely and move around the classroom as if you are in the room. Interaction can happen, collaboration can happen, social-emotional needs can be met all with the Telepresence Robot.

We also know that PPE (masks, shields, acrylic barriers, hand sanitizer stations, etc.) will be a daily need. We can help with PPE procurement. Our made in the USA products are the highest quality and are available for immediate shipments.

How can we help you with re-opening your school or workplace? We invite you to call us at (425) 582-3173, or email shelly@fullyloadedelectronics.com. We're happy to help!

Telepresence for Teaching and Learning

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