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Gaming Stress Relief for Corrections

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Correctional health is public health – that statement applies to inmates, correctional officers, medical and administrative staff. The impact of COVID raging through our jail and prison system is felt both inside and outside of the correctional facilities. Consider:

  •  Released inmates that don’t have a safe home to return to end up in a crowded shelter and/or shared housing which makes social distancing impossible.
  • Inmates making court appearances or receiving medical care at hospitals in the community allows the virus into the facility from outside.
  • Already spread thin, essential correctional staff dealing with “COVID fatigue.”

While we can’t solve housing or the need for judicial proceedings and/or medical attention, we do have solutions that create a more healthy environment (even in close quarters) and solutions that provide needed stress relief and increased mindfulness.

When you think about US jails and prisons, robots aren’t the first thing that come to mind.

But maybe they should be.

Using our Telepresence Robot, medically at-risk staff can remain engaged in inmate care from a distance. Essential staff, like psychiatric care workers, can use the Telepresence Robot to manage a case load among multiple correctional facilities. Where allowed, a Telepresence Robot can enable inmates to participate in court proceedings without risking virus exposure by being their in person.

 And here is where stress relief comes in…

Gaming is fun. Gaming is an essential distraction for inmates who, if left without stimulation, can become confrontational, disruptive to the wider community, or self-harm. We can make it easy with preloaded systems.

And it can be great fun in a staff break room.

Our Arcade Cart is a video game system on wheels. All games are appropriate for a public setting, and are loaded directly onto the console so there are no disks to manage. Internet is deactivated on the systems. Just plug it in and play! We also have handheld gaming systems and tablets – all loaded with games and ready to play.

During the best of times maintaining a correctional facility is no easy task. We empathize with your new normal of uncertainty, confusion and constant change. We’re here to help you protect the mental and physical health of everyone at your facility.

How can we support you? Please call (425) 582-3173 or email james@fullyloadedelectronics.com today. We're happy to help!

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