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Solutions for All New First Day of School Jitters

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Nostalgia around the first day of school is strong. Kids are nervously adjusting their pre-planned outfits, parents are trying to get that Facebook-perfect first day of school photo (then head off for that “we made it mimosa”), teachers are eager to dive into a routine and administrators are ready to put in place all the plans and ideas that were created over the summer.

Scratch all that (maybe keep the mimosas, but send those to everyone… except the kids).

The first day of school may look a little different this year. We’re doing our best to help you embrace it.

For those districts that are still planning on an in-person (hybrid or phased-in) opening, you’ll need prevention, protection and detection tools.  We have you covered:

For those districts that are opening with a fully remote plan, we can help you prepare for when you do open. Just because learning is remote doesn’t mean that facility repairs and maintenance can be ignored. We can provide you with the necessary tools to keep your facility disinfected and prepared for visitors. We can also make sure that your food distribution staff and transportation staff are protected with face shields, gloves and masks.

Whatever the first day of school looks like for you, we're here to help. Feel free to call (425) 582-3173, or email shelly@fullyloadedelectronics.com. And be sure to enjoy a mimosa!

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