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Keeping your consoles updated with the Game Upgrade Subscription

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Game consoles from Fully Loaded Electronics always comes with the latest and best games for kids and families, like Madden 20. Usually, when we prepare these systems, they aren't connected to the internet, so that users can't add their own games or content to them.

But what if you want to add new games to your Fully Loaded game system? That's where the Game Upgrade Subscription comes into play!

Fully Loaded Electronics makes it easy for you to update your console with more games and content. If you are ordering a system from us, or have in the past, we can put more entertainment on them later down the line. For example, most of our great game bundles come with the football favorite Madden 20. Every year there's a new Madden title, so it would make sense that you would want the newest one so the kiddos can keep enjoying.
First off - why would you want to update your systems? Is Madden 20 the same as Madden 21, or Madden 17 for that matter?
  1. Game improvements and design. Usually when a new game comes out, there's new designs and controls to the game. In the case of Madden, this usually comes in the form of team roster updates and how the player can control the game. With other games like Unravel and Unravel 2, a newer game could mean a whole new story campaign and characters to experience.
  2. More variety. If you have frequent flyers at your facility, they may become used to the games you have available. Updated games on the system would be a great way to make their stay feel fresh and new. Also, your game selection can be rounded out with game types that might not have been on that system before - maybe you'll get a new platformer or multi-player game!
  3. Better game value. With FLE's Game Upgrade Subscription, the value of the games that you receive will always be more than the price you paid. So go ahead and subscribe for 1, 2, or even 5 years - your game value will always pay off.

 How does it work?

As with anything else Fully Loaded Electronics... it's Video Games Made Easy! Just let us know what systems you're ordering the Game Upgrade Subscription for. We'll make sure to log the account and serial number that the system has on it.

Once our update windows open (usually February and September) we'll have all your games ready to download.

Our friendly technical support team will contact you via email and let you know that your update is available, with instructions on how to do it. Usually, this just involves connecting your system to the internet and navigating to the "download" page. That's it!

Questions or comments? We're happy to help!
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