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Portability for Patients - the Nintendo Switch Lite for hospitals!

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If you’ve considered the Nintendo Switch and its large host of family friendly games for hospitals, but worried about it or the detachable controllers walking off, we have a new addition to the Fully Loaded family of consoles that would be perfect for you!

Nintendo recently released its newest console, the Nintendo Switch Lite. This console comes in a smaller form factor than the regular Switch, and has a few advantages to boot.

The Nintendo Switch is popular in children's hospitals and other public applications because of its library of family-friendly games, and our ability to lock down the system. The Switch is great for dentist offices and library settings as it can either be handheld or hooked up to a TV. But the new Switch Lite has a different, more portable application than the original Switch.

What is different about the Switch Lite for hospitals?

  1. Controllers are permanently attached. If you've ever worried about the Joy Con blue and red controllers walking off after you give the Switch to a client, no worries here! The controllers stay permanently attached to the Switch screen, as it is all one unit.
  2. Smaller form factor. The Switch Lite is a little bit smaller than the original Switch, making it easier to use for kiddos with small hands.
  3. Better battery life. The battery life on the Switch Lite is a bit better than the one on the original Switch. If you primarily use the Switch handheld, the extra battery power will give your patients a little bit more playing time!
  4. Handheld-only. The Switch Lite is geared towards portability. No worries about having it hooked up to a TV or needing to be kept in a security case. Just throw on a tether, lock it to an anchor, and play away!

Are you interested in getting a Switch Lite for your hospital or waiting room?

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